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User Comments:
1. | Jun 13, 2014
I'm a nutbar for orangization stuff. I'll be doing a lot of this stuff this year too. I'm currently reading Organizing for Your Spirit. It explores how the way you organize your space and time aligns with who you are (or not, hehe). Very interesting.Have a wonderfully organized year! May it provide you with peace and clarity :)
2. | Jun 4, 2014
I'm a bit far away to come give you a hand, but here's some tips:- Double-click on the pencil tool and turn off "keep stleceed"; turn on "fill new pencil strokes" and "edit stleceed". This will make it actually useful for drawing with a tablet - I find the default settings to be completely unusable.- My general rule of thumb is that any line or shape I find myself drawing-and-undoing with the pencil tool three times is one I need to switch to the pen tool for.- Pen tool fundamentals: Pull curve handles out to about 1/3 of the line segment they control; don't try to curve through more than about 90ba between two control points, don't try to do an s-curve between two points. Follow those rules and your curves will be fairly easy to control, and look more pleasing.If you're trying to achieve a final piece that looks like the image you posted, it is possible, but it's kind of a pain in the butt.I don't like using it myself, but you might want to try using Live Paint to fill in areas with color, then do object->live paint->expand and paint inside the colored areas to create shading. (Easy if you have CS5 - select the area, hit D twice (you'll see little dotted corners appear around the shape you stleceed), shift-apple-A to deselect it, then pick a color and draw some stuff. Harder if you have an older version; draw the stuff you want to go inside, push it to the back with apple-shift-[ or pull the bigger shape to the front with apple-shift-], select interior bits and big bit at once, then object->clipping mask->make, which "helpfully" removes all color on the shape it's clipping everything into.)- When you make color swatches, double-click on them and turn on the "global" checkbox. This will let you alter your palette later in the piece with no fuss, just double-click on the swatch and fiddle with the sliders. This, more than anything else, is the killer feature that made me decide AI was for me.Hope that helps some!
3. | Mar 23, 2013
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4. | Mar 22, 2013
Yuck ! What you describe from Hershey Lodge is NOT a grleild cheese. It's an Apple Brie Sourdough sandwich.A grleild Cheese sandwich is what it is. People should feel free to eat any grleild sandwich they want but don't call it a Grilled Cheese in the historical sense.Would you take some chopped steak then add Cheddar or Brie, asparagus, red peppers and Oregano then call it a Philly Cheesesteak ? No you'd call it a Veggie Steak sandwich or something else. But you can't take a classic sandwich, switch all the ingredients and then sill call it that classic name !